What readers are saying about Tough Talk for Tough Times

"Tough Talk for Tough Times was educational, insightful and enlightening.  Nancy did an excellent job of breaking down complicated matters into everyday understandable language.  Her humor was an added bonus that will help readers apply her principals to their individual needs."                                                  

                                                                                                            -- Beth B. Burgess, CPA, Partner in Burgess-Crechale Accountants

"A refreshing and bold perspective on the simple ways we can take control of our finances.  Anderson offers a conversational delivery of important financial topics in a way that will inform and educate even the most financially savvy reader while also holding the interest of those who are indifferent to financial topics."

-- Michael J. Highfield, Ph.D., CFA,  Assoc. Professor of Finance   and Department Head, Dept. of Finance and Economics, Mississippi State University

"Tough Talks is for everyone.  Nancy gives us practical knowledge from her significant experience with her highly successful radio show, her personal life and her professional life.  Financial education is learning and this book makes the process doable and enjoyable."

 -- Pamela P. Smith, Ph.D., President, Mississippi Council on Economic Education

"Having taught personal finance at the college level, I know how complicated and even dull the topic can appear, but Dr. Nancy Lottridge Anderson gets right to the point, in a highly readable style, in her new book, Tough Talk for Tough Times: Real Conversations for Real People About Money and Finance.  She brings to print her engaging and insightful manner made popular in her statewide radio program, Money Talks.  If you wish to understand this vital subject, read this lucid and wise professor and practitioner." 

-- Lee G. Royce, Ph.D., President, Mississippi College